Saturday, April 28, 2007

A liturgical year staff.

On Thursday, Anthony made a staff as a symbol of the liturgical year.

Well, the instructions, from the We Believe Grade 6 catechetical materials, describe the making of a staff, used as we journey through the liturgical year.

We adapted this and used a branch, making a decorative item for a vase, to be placed near some of the Bibles in the hall.
Anthony coloured in each card for the liturgical year and copied a prayer from the missal onto the back of each card.He sent a text message to a priest to get help with the liturgical colours for the Tridium. :-)
So far, we have added the cards for Lent, the Tridium and Easter to our staff/decoration. We will add in Ordinary Time , Advent and Christmas as the year continues.
Advent is the start of the liturgical year and will therefore be at the top of our staff.
I like a number of the activity sheets on the We Believe website. Have a look!We don't use the We Believe religion books . I do find, however, that some of the online suggested activities fit well with our religion related discussions.

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