Friday, March 23, 2012

They don't wear rose vestments any more?

In a parish I attended on Laetare Sunday ( mid Lent, rejoice!) the commentator read at the start of Holy Mass.."Today is what used to be called Laetare Sunday. In days gone past, priests would wear rose coloured vestments ." 

Really? In days gone past?

Then someone better explain that to our Cardinal, Cardinal Pell, celebrating Holy Mass  last week on Laetare Sunday, at the installation of a new parish priest. 

They don't wear rose vestments anymore?


Sue Elvis said...


I was wondering about this. No rose vestments in our parish. I shall have to be my usual nuisance self and ask Father about this!

God bless.

Leonie said...

Rose vestments are still an option for Laetare Sunday ( mid Lent) and Gaudete Sunday (mid Advent). An option and most certainly not compulsory. So it's fine to wear violet but not fine to say or imply that rose just isn't worn any more.

And lol re being "a usual nuisance sel"! Let me know if you do ask your PP.

Faith said...

They still wear them here!

Leonie said...

Yep! And many of the priests I know wear rose!

Sue Elvis said...


Thank you for that information. My usual nuisance self? Fr asked me to be on the parish council. That was before he got to know me properly! Actually we have a good parish priest and he does listen when I ask 'awkward' questions. I can always ask him if we can have all the optional extras.

Leonie said...

Father sounds lovely!

Elisa said...

Our priest wore rose. Our parish is hard core. =)