Friday, March 23, 2012

A letter to a parish priest

Dear Father,

I respect the priesthood.. I respect Holy Mass. I respect freedom of speech. I like jokes, even off colour jokes, as much as the next person.

Just not in Mass.

No, not even at the end before the final blessing.

And as if jokes aren't bad enough, distracting us from the liturgy, off colour jokes about nuns and the human body are really distracting.

It does not lift our minds and hearts towards God to hear a joke in mass about a nun lifting a fig leaf to look at you-know-what.

It is inappropriate. It demeans religious. It demeans Holy Mass. It makes a mockery of the term custody of the eyes. It may even make the expression of curiousity seem justified to that thirteen year old boy searching the internet and finding a porn site. 


Just stick to the final blessing. A smile and a thank you.

Leave the off colour jokes to a different setting.

In charity, I thank you.


Jeanne said...

Oh, Leonie,

And I say Amen to you.

Leonie said...

Moat definitely Jeanne! And thanks!

Hopewell said...

AMEN. Ditto political endorsements however thickly veiled.

Leonie said...

Lol! Hit a nerve?

Rachel said...

yikes! that isn't good. nice letter tho...did you print it and send it...i hope so.

Leonie said...

Some people seem to be impervious to complaints...