Wednesday, December 21, 2011

But how will they live in the real world?

Wednesday in the last week of Advent.

Faith on our Unschooling Catholics list, asks...what are you strewing?

Strewing orthodontist appointments, lists of things I need help with around the house because of my work commitments, and stress.

Got to stop strewing stress.

And smile.

This is what  I like about unschooling, though.

It's real life. Stress and all. And we strew learning, real life learning, learning in the affective realm, even when we are not intentionally strewing. 

You know that question we all get. "But how will your kids be prepared for the real world?"

This is the real world, dear. They live in my life,  and I live in theirs, and the kids see into almost every nook and cranny of my life. 

And my life is very Real World. 


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Funny that you write about this - I've been thinking very much about this - how to educate under pressure....

Leonie said...

I know. I've been relying on life learning and incidental learning and using those teaching moments eg how to deal with pressure and stress. Either modeling how to or how not to!!!

Shelley said...

So true, Leonie! Interesting that you should write about this--that when we're stressed out, that's definitely what we strew. =( Great unschooling perspective! Will have to remember that during stressful moments.

Blessed Advent and Christmas!

(Unschooling Catholics)

Leonie said...

We do tend to share our stress, for good or for bad. Hopefully for good in that we can talk through stuff . I keep remembering John Holt who said we don't need to create artificial environments for kids.. We just need to include them in our world and they need real people not caricatures of preschool teachers.

Hopewell said...

Amen!! It's school that's not real! Who gets three months a year off? NO ONE--not even teachers anymore as many have to work a second job. When are you EVER with only people your own exact age in "real life"? NEVER. Making a life is real--it doesn't have to be the factory (which aren't very plentiful anymore any way) or the 9 to 5 office. It takes flexibility and creativity to survive today!

Leonie said...

It sure does!