Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Daybook. 2011 Version.

I haven't done a daybook for awhile. Not since May 2010 . in fact. .

Where I was thinking about..." this article by Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, on the dangers of pornography. Excellent article. "The claim that pornography "enriches" relationships mocks those whose marriages and families it has destroyed."


I have been flicking through the posts of The Daybook blog..and thought..yes. my blog is due...for another post...and another daybook.


If Possible.

Outside my window... Dark, almost midnight.

I am thinking... I'm going to be soo tired tomorrow!

I am thankful for... Facebook. Texts. Blogs. Hey, I know the dangers. But I see the connections, too,

I am wearing... A short black dress. What I wore to mass tonight . Gold sandals. Minimalist jewellery.

I am remembering... Friends. And how I have learned to let myself be vulnerable. Not the really Bad Thing I thought it would be.

I am going... To not worry about getting everything done on tomorrow's To Do list. It's not possible. Dear God, please help me do what is the most important. ( And urgent).

I am currently reading... "Winning After Losing...Keep Off the Weight You've Lost - Forever." by Stacey Halprin

I am hoping... For more time to read. And write.

On my mind... Mother Teresa. Read her journals.

Noticing that... ~We are back into the habit of doing our Kumon Maths. Daily. Regularly.

Pondering these words... Many people mistake our work for our vocation. Our vocation is the love of Jesus. (Mother Teresa)

In the kitchen... Leftovers. Planning a hot rum cheesecake for St Francis de Sales. Loving my tea and coffee and saints nook.

Around the house... Searching a rhythm for Daily Clean..amidst all my have-tos.

One of my favourite things ..Right now? Two things, okay? My Jillian Michaels workouts. And my Breviary.

Picture thought I am Sharing...The chocolate fondue with fresh fruit, I made this on Sunday.....


LLMom said...

Which Mother Teresa book do you recommend? I have been thinking of reading some of her stuff.

Leonie said...

I finished Come,Be My Light over the Christmas season...and the Saints own private writings speak volumes of her soul. As you can see from recent blog posts, I have been inspired.