Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just sharing

Just sharing this blog post..for women...for mothers..especially homeschooling mothers.

Read the whole, excellent post here ~ Logismoi

Why is it that women in general and mothers in particular seem so prone to battling negative thoughts?
It is a spiritual battle, you know?
The Fathers share their experiential wisdom in the struggle against the thoughts (logismoi). The types of thoughts are legion, but it seems to me that mothers battle negative thoughts more than any other types.
Perhaps it is the demon of comparison Her children are better behaved than mine. Her house is cleaner than mine. She gets more done than I do. Or maybe it is the evil spirit of inadequacy. I am not a good mother. What I do is not good enough. I'll never be able to catch up.
Quite possibly it is a combination of the two.
Or maybe it's hormones.
Could it be that the nature of an eternal work is fertile ground for the evil one to sow seeds of negativity? Mothers are entrusted with the bodies and souls of God's children, both aspects of the person, created to live eternally. (As well as the seemingly eternal mounds of laundry that these precious persons produce.) It is a good, but no small work. As St. Paul wrote, when we wish to do any good work, we soon find that evil follows closely behind us.
Yet, where there is no struggle, there is no possibility for virtue.


Anonymous said...

nd that Flylady is great for reprogramming my thoughts into something more positive.

Thanks for sharing this great post!

Anonymous said...

Oops! A toddler wrecked my sentence! It should say, "I find that Flylady..."