Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How cool~!

Today's table centrepiece .

Our Advent wreath, a copy of a Fr. Lovasik book, for today's "saint of the day" ( Our Lady of Gaudalupe), and my special book find ~ a 1964 copy of Madeleine L'engle's "The Twenty Four Days of Christmas".

A special addition to our Christmas booklist.

I loved this book as a child and as a young mother; it gave me many, many ideas on creating family Advent traditions and on nurturing family life.

Today was also cool because I received an award for being the number 2 Kumon Supervisor of the Year for New South Wales. Number 2 out of the 112 Supervisors.

The award is based on centre statistics - retention rate of students, progress in students, centre growth.

I love working with the kids at Kumon, helping them learn and grow. This love is akin to my love of homeschooling - I feel privileged to learn with my own kids at home, and to learn with the Kumon students at my Kumon Centre.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Leonie! Congratulations on your reward. You do seem like you are overflowing with energy, enthusiasm and encouragement. I think that goes such a long way, especially with kids who need tutoring. So you sound like the ideal person!

Congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

It's me Faith! I've been having trouble with google lately. It doesn't seem to recognize me when I'm writing from my laptop.

So I'm anonymous!

Leonie said...

Thanks for the positive comments, Faith! Weird about Google.