Sunday, April 02, 2006

What we are up to.

Two sons have been to a painting workshop for painting Warhammer figures - they get to go on a school day so are the only kids there - and they love it!

We have been watching all the Star Wars movies in succession at night, over this week - still have some more to go. Having lots of discussion on the development of special fx and of the characters.

We are listening to the CD of Book 4 of A Series of Unfortunate Events while driving in the car - having great talks on vocabulary, stylish consistency and the humour in the book. I got this set of CDs from the younger four boys for my birthday this week. :-)

Still reading aloud Mao's Last Dancer by Li Cunxin ( almost finished - we are reading the Young Reader's version of the autobiography).

I just began reading, for myself ;-), Book 4 in Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World series. Quite interesting. I was thinking we might save up and get these on CD, to listen to in the car.

We are going to hire the new Harry Potter DVD tonight.

And we are looking at Science activities this month of April - Alexander wants to build a motor and make a battery and I suggested he type up the info and physics principles for the portfolio. Anthony and Thomas and I found a kit at K Mart yesterday - Build Your Own Model of a Space Station - so we thought that would be good for this Science focus - and with the addition of the favourite Magic Schoolbus series.


Becky said...

Hi Leonie! We have been on a Star Wars kick as well. What is your family's favorite? I have also been reading SWB's fourth history book with my ds9 this year. We have gotten off on some good rabbit trails...WWI and WWII are going on now. Thanks for the post!

Bec said...

My boys just adore Star Wars and Harry Potter as well. :o) I get a bit worried about the movies though (the Harry Potter ones) with my little 6yo, so we havent watched many yet.

Your week sounds great!

Bec said...

ps Happy Birthday. :o)

Leonie said...

Becky - My personal favourite is The Empire Strikes Back - I remember seeing this at the movies and feeling so sad that my fave character ( Han Solo)was frozen - and feeling sad that it would be several years before I knew what would happen next.:-)

We all like The Phantom Menace, too - me, because I like Liam Neeson! lol!

Bec - ikwym re Star Wars and HP movies. Anthony, my yougest, is now 10 and can watch different movies than a few years ago. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Susan <> said...

HI Leonie,
Boys! My boys love SW too, so for that reason I watch it.

Hey, we loved the Series of Unfortunate Events too- on audio! The vocabulary discussions we had were great.

It was good to see you, albeit briefly, at the BPC.

Susan <><

Leonie said...

Fun to catch up, Susan! :-)

Karen E. said...

What did you think of the new HP movie? We watched it a couple of weeks ago. I did have my girls skip the part toward the end with Voldemort's "rebirth" ... a little too much for their sensitivities! I'm interested in hearing what you and the boys thought.

And, I love your Australian term "hire" ... here we call it "renting" a DVD. :-)

Leonie said...

Hi Karen,

I think the Voldemort bit was surreal and would not be suited for younger viewers. But a good film, overall!

We laughed about the hire versus rent. :-)

T1andM2 said...

Where did they go for the Warhammer workshop, Leonie? Was it a LOTR thing as well?

Timothy won first prize in a Warhammer/ LOTR painting comp recently and I know he would love something like this!

T1andM2 said...

That was me, btw.


Ladybugs said...

Happy Late Birthday, Leonie!

Happy Easter, too!


Leonie said...

Pam, the boys went to Games Workshop at Chatswood. The people there are very friendly and know our kids are homeschoolers so are happy to book workshops for school days. Maybe the one at Castle Towers will do the same?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Maria!