Saturday, April 29, 2006

Teaching the Fun of Science.

This is the title of a book by Janice VanCleave. It is a great book and one a few of us are enjoying right now.

The book is described as being for grades 4-8, but I think the activities are fun for younger children and can also be extended into research for older ones.

To my shame, I purchased the book four ( yes, four) years ago - from Border's in Adelaide - but only picked it up this month for our Science foucs. I should have picked it up sooner!

I need to use more of the resources we own - you know, the ones that sit on the shelf, pining to be used but that are often ignored.

Teaching the Fun of Science has dozens of activity pages, with ready-to-use reproducible activities and projects. None of these require elaborate pre-preparation or purchasing of many materials.

There are teaching tips, vocabulary, standards for different grades, extension activities for each mini topic.

The mini topics are grouped in sections - PHYSICAL SCIENCE, LIFE SCIENCE, EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCES.

A few of us are picking and choosing our way through the Life Science section.

Last week, we designed our own classification system. This week, we made models of cells, using zip lock bags ( cell membranes), lemon jelly ( Jello - cytoplasm) and peanut M and Ms (for the nuclei).

Yummy and fun - oh and learning too! Two of the kids wrote definitons and drew diagrams in their notebooks.


Theresa said...

Sounds like a big hit! We have the same problem with tons of resources sitting on shelves. Maybe some day we will get around to using them!

Becky said...

Thanks for the book recommendation Leonie. Sounds like just the right read for my two boys (6 and 9). We planned to do some science this summer when things aren't as hectic around here.

Leonie said...

Theresa, I sold a lot of my resources last year - yet there are still keepers that we haven't used!

Becky, this book is definitely a fun one and very easy to use. This week we are going to try to isolate some chlorophyll. :-)