Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm a list maker.

I can't help myself.

Have a problem? Make a list of steps to take to fix up the problem...or at least making it more livable.

Many things to do? Write out that To Do list.

Money problems? Relationship hassles? Diet thoughts? List those solutions.....

Talking about want tos and want to dos with the kids? Grab that paper and pen, that IPad, and list.

Good books? Movies we want to watch? Places we want to visit? List, list, list.

Years ago, I even wrote a list of How To Unschool....People First headed the list. Most necessary as I can be task oriented.

As in this article..How To Be A Good Unschooler...

I think this is is the why behind my list making. I want to be Good. Hermione good.


Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Sure, I make lists too. That's easy.

Now write a post on how to actually work one's way through the list. Please?

Leonie said...

LOL! There a knack, isn't there, between using the list and the list using us. Sometimes, hwever, the actual task f writing the list helps me to cement the ideas or get things done, or have something to refer to later...so it makes me do the stuff of the list.

Clear as mud!