Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Another Fitness Post

Weight: Two kilos gone. Two. In one week. Is there something wrong? Should I worry? Can I not self sabotage? Look out skinny I come!

Food Epiphany: 1. Alcohol can fit into a calorie controlled diet. Just sayin'. In case you were worried.
2. There is an argument for counting calories carefully and not estimating all the time. And for not eating too little...duh, Leonie! Avoiding the eating too few calories trap has taken me awhile. See Calorie Queens .
General: Good quote..."After decades in this field, I can honestly say that most, if not all, of the disordered eaters I have known or worked with are excellent caretakers of others and poor caretakers of themselves." The Rules of Normal Eating.

Fitness: Battling a cough and cold and this is reflected in workouts.

Sat: The FIRM Cardio Workout with the accompanying weighted gloves. A kickboxing inspired workout with some nice plank work for abs at the end. Pulls a lot of punches (pun intended!) in twenty minutes.

Sun: Dance With Julianne. A sweaty dance workout, really works your abs and makes you feel like you are dancing in a music clip. Contemporary. Forty minutes. Intermediate level. Good workout, choreographed by Jen Galardi, a fave dance fitness instructor of mine. Julianne looks a bit like a Barbie doll and over uses the word sexy and with my headache I could not, would not, shake my head and hair as she did...but the cardio was fun and my body was worked.

Mon: Leslie Sansone Walk Away Your Waistline. Gosh, I chose this because Monday was not a good day for me and I needed a mindless workout. But I loved the ab belt. You really suck in your abs and the weighted handles provide some upper body toning when you do the arm movements while walking with Leslie and her "pals." 3 miles 45 minutes.

Tues: Too much coughing. Too busy. No workout. Grr. I hate giving in.

Wed: Today. The other twenty minute FIRM Ignite workout ( see last week). I've done this before, but it was harder today...that cough and cold! Major coughing fit after but it was too cool a workout to ignore. Cardio, then cardio bursts with intervals of weights, followed by cardio and an ab toning cool down/stretch. Burpees with weighted squats!

Okay,that's fitness today in a nut shell. For those of you who know who you are, my fellow fitness friends..


Vicky said...

Have you heard of the no-diet diet? It's a bit different - I found it great for losing stubborn baby pounds and keeping it off, without dieting. ( Also, I loved French Women Don't Get Fat:)

Leonie said...

Yes people on the fitness forum talk about it...but not good for me ie rules! I lost my 40 kg a few years back with no rules and fitness and working on mind trying to fine tune...especially the mind stuff/emotional eating...I have a serious history if eating disorders!

Nice to see you here, Vicky!

Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Tell me more about 1. Because that's one of my downfalls. I can fit it in several times a week, yeah? Tell me how? LOL

Leonie said...

Ha ha, Susan!! Seriously though on alcohol days I just eat lower calorie other stuff and lots of fruits and veges... Vitamins and fibre with not too many calories!

Sue Elvis said...

Hi Leonie, I get frustrated when I am exercising well and then I get sick. The fitness level goes a bit downhill and I have to be patient and build up again. But you are working out despite having a cough and a cold? Am I just being too easy on myself taking a rest? Is it really necessary? Love to hear your thoughts.

Leonie said...

I don't know if it's necessary but I like to work out regardless because a) I like working out b) I think consistency is important so doing something even if small is better than nothing in my book.