Thursday, April 21, 2011

Liturgical... What?

Two different masses.

Both outside my parish.

One evening last week I attended a mass with older girl altar servers in attendance. Maybe girls aged eighteen to twenty.

The head or senior server wore a fancy hair do with frangipani flowers in her hair, lots of eye makeup, dangling earrings to match the liturgical year. Very distracting!

Why was I looking and allowing myself to be distracted? I was up the front in one of those altar-in-the-middle churches so no choice but to be distracted when I looked up from my missal and from prayer, to adore Jesus.

Mass the next day was a different affair. A more traditional chapel. Mass, again, in the Ordinary Form. Celebrated with reverence. Altar servers in soutanes and surplices, serving unobtrusively and with dignity.

Sometimes I feel like I live with liturgical schizophrenia!


molly said...

It is chaos, I feel sorry for new Catholics.

Leonie said...

Sometimes things can be so confusing.

boomer said...

Yes, I know just what you mean. my favorite Masses are very simiple but glorious and the priests are reverent and the alter servers are male and we are there for Jesus, not for the latest outfit or dangling earrings....

Leonie said...

You said it !!