Thursday, February 03, 2011

You wore a mantilla to mass?

Well, yes, tonight I did. A veil. Head covering.

I used to wear a mantilla to mass more often than not.

And then I stopped. For a variety of reasons.

I wear a mantilla nowadays every now and then.

Tonight was a then.

Candlemas. Mass in the Extraordinary Form. And as I climbed out of the car, late, rushed from work, sweating unladylike in the heat, wearing a short skirt and pink pigtails...well, in that one second something nudged me and I reached into the glovebox of the car and grabbed my black mantilla.

Wearing the mantilla in mass reminded me of why I used to enjoy the wearing of the mantilla....I felt like my eyes were forced to concentrate on Our Lord, on Holy Mass...and not on shoes ( my far too often mass preoccupation) ..

Another case of those externals helping the internal..the internal disposition to prayer.

Of course, who knows when I will wear a mantilla again. God forbid that I become a mantilla policeman, making rules for myself, sticks with which to beat myself.

But the mantilla was a reminder, an encouragement tonight.

Sometimes, I deal with sour expressions, usually on other women, when they see me with my veil. I have a method for dealing with this: smile, nod and acknowledge them quietly "hello". The smile you wear underneath the veil goes a long way towards placating those who think the veil is a throwback to some legendary era when women were slaves. Why veil

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Sarah Faith said...

I know how much you love liturgy and one thing that really struck me as I began wearing a mantilla to Mass with the rest of my TLM parish is that I could not imagine a veiled woman, dressed modestly, as an altar server, "extraordinary minister" or reader (much less "priestess" - if there ever could be such a thing). It just doesn't jive! Nor does a veiled woman jive with the clown masses and other types of masses that are such a sacrilege. It's no wonder the practice was abandoned at the same time all the other liturgical abuses began. Without some of those externals as you say there is really a little bit less of a nudge to keep the internals in check.