Thursday, June 24, 2010

BrImful of Asha

Do you know that song by Cornerstone?

Well it's a brimful of Asha on the 45 ...

And the song goes on to say....With singing and dancing and dancing and dancing.....

I am changing this to.... And eating and eating and eating .... Although last night I couldn't eat...and today I had caramel mudcake and caramello chocolate for breakfast.

A brimful of comfort eaters.

Yes, it is that how do you deal with emotions post again.

By eating. The song goes on.... Everyone needs a bosom to lean on...

Yeah we do. But hopefully it is not food .

Workouts as a bosom to lean on sounds better...for stress relief and for health and to push away that growing fat.

I have been enjoying my FIRM workouts... And praying at mass. Because prayer and penance provide more than a bosom to lean on...

But stop that eating and eating and eating and then not eating cycle. Okay?

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