Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blogs. Kumon. What Do You Want For Your Children?

The trouble with blogging is...finding the time.


I aim to come here and write and keep in touch - but computer time seems to become more and more restricted.

Last week, I and four of the boys were in Melbourne. I went to a Kumon Education training course - I am thinking of getting back into being a Kumon Supervisor. I ran a centre in Adelaide.

Now, Kumon can seem the antithesis of unschooly education.

Ostensibly, Kumon can seem to be about only Maths and English, only drill.

In practice, at its best, with a visionary Supervisor, Kumon *is about the whole child - developing life skills and self confidence, especially for those children who must play the game of school.

Now, the whole child scenario fits well with me and with my unschool-ish tendencies. It fits well with Charlotte Mason's idea of "Children being born persons". It fits well with my personal goals of self development and with encouraging self development and self actualization in my children.

Re-reading "What Do You Really Want For Your Children" by Wayne Dwyer, at night in the motel in Melbourne, reminded me of these goals.

And gave me a lot to discuss with the boys, in additon to our discussions on their explorations of Melbourne.

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