Friday, December 09, 2005

Another Christmas Activity

We are aiming to complete at least one Christmas or Advent craft each week.

Now, I know one does not sound like much but the weather here has been HOT and we have been swimming and indoor ice skating ( both of which are a great way to stay cool in summer!).

We have the end of year drama presentations and rehearsals for carols at church - J and A are playing and singing in the youth band for the carols.

We have end of year teen group and time to catch up with friends ...Mmm...A minimum of one craft a week fits nicely.

This week we made miniature gingerbread houses. The original recipe called for graham crackers - what are they??? We substituted milk coffee biscuits.

We had trouble with the icing and decorations, as it was a hot, thirty five degree Celsius day.

Finally, everything "gelled". And we were proud of our creations.

Here are the instructions, in case you are interested -


Karen E. said...

What are graham crackers?? Leonie, I love to read about the differences between the U.S. and Australia ... oh, the little things we take for granted!

Here's a fun little link about them:
and thanks for the craft link.

Blessings, Karen E.

Leonie said...

Thanks Karen - i'm off to check the link!

Cindy said...

Hi Leonie..
I told the boys about you all not recognizing graham crackers.... and we had a smile.. reminded me of comparing lingo with Luke. So fun!

Let us know any other neat Christmas activites you all do.