Friday, November 18, 2005

Papal Feminism

I was reading this morning, from Witness To Hope - a bio of Pope John Paul II, by George Weigel.

I was reading from the section titles "Papal Feminism." Intriguing, huh?

This is some of what Weigel had to say, about PJ2 and his thoughts on the role of women.

" Mary, he {the Pope} suggested, was the first disciple, for her assent to the angel's message made possible the incarnation of the Son of God. ...The ' Marian profile' in the church is, John Paul suggested, even 'more..fundamental' than the 'Petrine profile.' Without being divided from it, the 'Marian Church" - the church of disciples - preceded and made possible the 'Petrine Church' - the Church of office and authority....The message was unmistakable. Discipleship came before authority in the church, and sanctity came before power, even the apostolically transmitted priestly power.....This was Mariology demolishing the last vestiges of the idea of the Church-as-absolute-monarchy. "

I talked of radical in the post below.

When I think of radical and Christianity together, I think of the late Pope John Paul II.

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