Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The library as a refuge

"I love going to the library. It's peaceful and you can have a quiet rest."

So said the youngest tonight, on our way to our weekly Tuesday night library visit.

It is true. Tuesdays are our busy days. Skateboard lessons, packed lunch and hang out time with other homeschoolers. The hour drive home. Two go to work at a Kumon centre. I help the other two fold papers for their delivery round. We pick up the Kumon workers and drive yet again - this time to drama class. While A and J are at drama, T, Anny and I go to the library.

To read and rest.

And sometimes to have coffee or Milo at the coffee shop at the library - appropriately called Chapters Cafe.

The reading is a respite before the close of drama class and the drive home and then the time to gather ingredients for dinner - for, by the time we arrive home, we are famished and tired.

Tongiht, our library respite included a book search for a book in a series - we have borrowed the skateboard one and now Anny desires the guide to mini basketabll. T searched in vain for more books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. He doesn't seem to be a popular author right now, with anyone except T and J.

I sat in an apple green chair, comfy and quiet at the library, and read - Intuitive Eating ( like natural learning for food issues). And a new msystery author that I am sampling. Patricia Wentworth, in her Miss Silver mysteries. I also picked up a Robert Ludlum book that I thought G would like....

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